About us

The National Centre of Museological Methodology and Information (OMMIK) was established in the Hungarian National Museum in 2011. The centre has a two-way activity: on the one hand it provides professional information for museums as a museological and digitizing methodology centre and on the other hand it supports the work of the Ministry of Human Capacities (EMMI) Public Collections Department as its background institution. Besides this, it performs regional level organization and coordination tasks.

OMMIK helps the decision-making of the ministry by gathering, organizing, maintaining and providing wide range of information on the museum field. The centre features regularly updated databases devoted to museums and public collections, including lists of all the museums in Hungary, detailed information about them, statistics, etc.

With our work and services we would like to strengthen the professional cooperation and offer professional help for museum institutions in order to contribute to the development of the Hungarian museum cause. We promote the use of digital technologies in museums, organise the Muzeum@Digit conference on digital cultural heritage and coordinate work on transferring analogue data on museum collections to digital format.


Head of DepartmentIldikó Sz. Fejes



1053 Budapest
Magyar u. 40.


Phone: 00-36-1-327-7700/573
E-mail: ommik@hnm.hu
Web: ommik.hu


Hungarian National Museum

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