The Hungarian National Museum, National Centre of Museological Methodology and Information organized the first ‘MUZEUM@DIGIT’ International Conference on Digital Cultural Heritage in 2013.


You can download some of the presentations by clicking on the titles. 


ldikó Sz. FejesMuseum digitization and the Europe 2020 Strategy

The primary purpose of the presentation is to take a brief look at the opportunities between the 2014-2020 budgetary period.


Ferenc KneiszDigital content in the European Union’s current and future projects

The role of digital content in the i2010 and the Digital Agenda.


Edina NémethDigital content in the European Union’s current and future projects


The role of digital content in the i2010 and the Digital Agenda.



Tamás MárayNIIF services for museums

The presentation introduces the IT services which are available to the museums free of charge.


Dr. Erika MayerVirtual museum tour through the copyright law lecturer

In the age of the information society, new ways of use of copyrighted contents have been formed.


Gabriella IvacsDilemmas of copyright law concerning Europeana, cultural heritage and archives

The rapid changes in the technology and the requirements of the “network society” make us to reevaluate the current legal environment for access. 


Zsolt BánkiConvergence of integrated systems in cultural heritage institutes


János Káldos: Library digitization and the ELDORADO Project

The ELDORADO project managed by National Széchényi Library aims to provide a legally established e-document service.


Zoltán Szatucsek: European archival projects, the archives and the Europeana

The presentation starts with the similar and different requirements of the digitalization activities of public collection domains and introduces the development of the European Archivrs Portal (APE).


Dr. István Kenyeres: Developments in archive digital content providing: portal of the Hungarian Archives, e-archive and e-archive portal    

The common portal of the Hungarian archives was created in 2008 and it intended to be the common portal of the country and city archives.


Ádám Horváth: Linked open data

The presentation introduces semantic web (linked data) by describing the differences between the web and the semantic web. 


Regine Stein: LIDO - Lightweight information describing objects in practice

LIDO is the result of a collaborative effort of international stakeholders in the museum sector to create a common solution for contributing cultural heritage content to portals and other repositories of aggregated resources. 


Gábor Palkó: Digital philology, publishing scholarly text editions online

Scholarly/critical textual philology has a history dated back to famous Ancient Library of Alexandria.


Marzia Piccininno: Aggregation models in Italy


Dr. Gunther ReisingerDigital source criticism in museological contexts

The lecture surveys archival assets of digital and digitized art under a source-critical view.


Gordon McKennaThe influence of collection management systems on museums

The presentation looks at the history of CMSs and the role of sector and international standards. 


Marcin Werla: The possible future of Europeana: the cloud solutions 

The aim of the talk is to shortly introduce what is so special about cloud technologies and to present the technical scope of two recently started EU-funded projects: EuropeanaCloud and LoCloud.


Roxanne Wyns: Aggregation models and practice in Europe 

The presentation looks into the most interesting projects, the different aggregation models that are in use, the level of collaboration between the different aggregation initiatives.


Ross ParryThe postdigital museum

It is time, finally, to acknowledge the naturalization of digital media in the museums. 



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